For these photos I get the inspiration from my dreams. From there comes their unique
symbolism, their blunt, pale colours or their total achromatism.
In my work I would like to show the noble, bizarre quality of the beauty, what I see in people
the beauty, which slowly, almost unnoticed, soaks people, finally it takes possession of
them and runs their eyes into tears.
At the same time it is important for me to be able to picture the distant dimension, the non-
material status and the mystique of the beauty as well. On my photos the visualisation appears
from behind a veil.
Through the pics the viewer can get insight into a world, where the lonely
characters of my dreams live, but this world is not completely open. It is like the viewer looks
through a keyhole: he/she can only catch flash pictures – fragments, moments, and he/she can
start to create his/her own story and world.